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Title: Traffic on site
Post by: maryb on 11-08-2015, 12:35:35

how do you measure traffic on the site ?


Title: Re: Traffic on site
Post by: RH-Calvin on 11-16-2015, 23:11:19
Website traffic can be measured either through a widget counter placed on your website, or you can also analyze the traffic through Google analytics. Analytics tool will help to measure the traffic behavior for your website.
Title: Re: Traffic on site
Post by: Dewlance on 11-18-2015, 21:55:46
Google analytic and Awstats is good for analysis. There is also many visitor counter,etc is available.

For wordpress you can find many plugins.
Title: Re: Traffic on site
Post by: rajan on 01-21-2016, 22:52:23
Use Google Analytics Tool, its a free one offered by Google. In google analytics you can able to measure number of visitors, where they are coming from and what keyword they used to find your website.
Title: Re: Traffic on site
Post by: TomClarke on 04-25-2016, 06:51:05
If your main advertising goal is to increase traffic to your website, try focusing on increasing your clicks and clickthrough  rate. Start by creating good ad text and strong keywords to make ads that are highly relevant and very compelling to your customers, then closely monitor your clicks, clickthrough rate, keywords and search terms.
Title: Re: Traffic on site
Post by: lilyalvin on 04-26-2016, 00:26:24
Google Analytics tells you all about your traffic. It shows some great stats about your traffic like daily, weekly or monthly traffic and apart from it you can filter stats by different days and weeks. It also let you know where your visitor has come.
Title: Re: Traffic on site
Post by: MaryGreen on 04-26-2016, 01:40:40
Hello, I think it is very popular question and needs! I will advice you to use new SEO methods! With some of them, I will share with you! Socisl networks are the best solution in it! Thanks for it, you will develop yor audience and thanks for their trust rank increase your traffic! Also, you can use blogging, as the best way too!
Title: Re: Traffic on site
Post by: sangbk on 05-05-2016, 03:32:43
On the off chance that your principle promoting objective is to build activity to your site, take a stab at concentrating on expanding your snaps and clickthrough rate. Begin by making great advertisement content and solid watchwords to make promotions that are exceedingly important and exceptionally convincing to your clients, then nearly screen your snaps, clickthrough rate, catchphrases and inquiry terms.