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Twitter Promotion?

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Tips for promoting your website using twitter,
- Choose a niche related or Brand related username
- Create a Good bio section for your profile linking back to your website
- Publish quality tweets on your wall
- Dig out like minded people and follow them
- Talk about your products and services on other's wall (but do not spa)
- Encourage people to follow you by publishing informative tweets
- Organize online contests and encourage people to participate
- Distribute coupons and freebies

I am agree with that... very useful information

i agree but this may enhance bit traffic on site also

Twitter promotion a method use to increase the number of traffic on your website. In twitter you should build higher number of followers to promote your website. Post should attract the costumer and the content should be unique.

but how do they visit the site while only admin or related person is making tweets?This wont enhance visitors on site .nor credit any value.So how doest it makes sense to popularize site with tweeter?


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