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Hello friends,

I am targeting 5 keywords on a home page, where I put all keywords to get visible.

Smart Ranking:
You must put them on title, body + meta descriptions and urls.
They are the most important place where you must put the keywords. Don't abuse of them on H1, H2, header, footer, etc.

1. 5 Keywords for a page is difficult to target, So you better reduce your keywords from 5 to 3 per Page. If you have 3 keywords for a page then it is easy for you to target your keywords. 

2. Place your keywords in the following places
a. URL
b. Title tag
c. Description tag
d. Header Tag (H1 to H6)
e. Contents (within First 150 words)

Kate Evans:
Here is a list of the most valuable places to put keywords in your web page:
- title tag - it is what search engines grab for the title display in their search results;
- headlines, which give your reader a chance to get what they need fast with a minimum of fuss;
- content;
- URL - but make sure to keep your keywords concise and readable;
- meta description, which makes your site stand out more in the search results and seem more relevant.

I think that the best place to put keywords are :
- page title;
- body text headers;
- links to other pages;
- meta tags;
If rewriting some passages of text so that you can use more of your keywords in a natural sounding form in strategic areas of your pages is doable, then it is usually worthwhile to do so.


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