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Hey Guys, if your country don't support money from paypal, don't worry. I have mention some top 10 alternative to paypal and yes they are good and well known on internet..

1. Google Checkout
2. 2Checkout
3. E-Junkie
4. CCNow
5. ClickBank
6. MoneyBookers
7. ProPay
8. CyberSource
9. AlertPay
10. iKobo

Don't forget to check out their FAQ first...

Great list.
Just want to add
    11. webmoney
I worked in Russia and now work all over the world.

Ohh great futurman... You work all over the world, do you provide SEO services?
Good luck!!

Thanks alot... I was searching for something like this.. but i want to know your experience with them tooo..
caz Paypal is not supported in my country... as in i cant receive payments ;-(

Nice list.  I should probably make another account besides PayPal, maybe Alertpay, one day Ima be screwed when PayPal isn't accepted on a site.


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