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Alert pay or Paypal?

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Alert pay is best method to receive money fast all over the world.This service is very fast.I am also using alert pay account.It is really great.

Payza (AlertPay) is one of the best payment processor available these days. I am using Payza for over a year and never faced any issues.

Alertpay is now Payza. Used their service like 5 years ago. I still have that account with 0 amount! I heard from a freelancer that they are running beta version in some countries! Many features are not available in those countries e.g. foreign currency exchange and then withdrawal directly to bank account or credit card feature, etc.

Yes, I think alertpay also have the same option, but less processing fee. However, in comparison, people prefer PayPal. I have been finding it on several payment gateways.

I think you should go with Paypal and you also get some payment options from Nationkart like payu, paytm etc.


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