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You can choose one of these top 10 excellent online payment systems:
- PayPal
- Google Checkout
- Amazon Payments
- Dwolla
- Stripe
- Braintree
- Samurai
- WePay
- 2Checkout

 Venmo is a PayPal-owned payment processing service that allows you to request, send, and receive money from other Venmo users. You can directly send money to a person's Venmo account and even link your bank, credit or debit cards.

Do any of you still have Bitcoin? What do you think about the prospects for this cryptocurrency? I have been trading on cryptocurrency exchanges for a year now and have learned how to make cryptocurrency. Now I trade through the Bikkex exchange, I like the conditions here and the low commissions.

PayPal is one of the biggest names in online payments, with over 346 million customers.

Unfortunately, there are no worthy competitors to PayPal yet.


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