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Can you recommend a payment system?


We are choosing the payment system for the service. The service provides the access to pay API.
The following points are of big importance:

* The customer specifies the sum, which he pays to the account of the service himself.
* Minimum period of a refund.
* Possibility to withdraw the money to the card of Payoneer system.
* The support of PayPal is desirable.

I recommend you to read this article and maybe one of these payment systems will be good for you!

Your partners or customers can’t always make or accept PayPal payments. This is the major reason to offer payment alternatives. There are always people who can’t (or won’t) pay or receive money via PayPal. In this case, if you are not open to alternatives, you simply lose these customers or partners. On the other hand, you need to make some estimates if the gain is worth the extra effort. It might turn out that offering more options doesn’t increase your income but does increase your costs and hassle.


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