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Is Veripayment A Good Alternative to Paypal?


I am currently having some issues with my Paypal account and looking to find a trustworthy and reasonable priced alternative. Yesterday I was sitting with my friends and I asked them for some help, one of my friends suggested me Veripayment so I visited their website and found that they are surely not a bad option to go with as they are providing almost all the services I am looking for and they are in the industry for more than a decade but you cannot trust any company by only seeing their website as it will surely be biased so I am looking to get some reviews about this company from its past or present clients. Please share them here to help me make this decision of either going with them or look for another one.

Never heard of their name. It's surprising that they are doing business for last 12 years and I never heard of them. Paypal is the ultimate solution for most of the people. If paypal is allowed in your country then there should be no trouble. Just talk to their support team and they will be happy to assist you.

Same here! Never heard of Veripayment as such, but you can always check the reviews and blogs posted online for verification. Also, speak to their customer service provider and clear your doubts if any. Though, PayPal is a good option, but there is no harm in trying others. 

There is a lot of information about it on the Web!
And many people say that they are scam!
I recommend use PayPal as it is the most trusted payment system!

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Why would you like an alternative to Paypal ? It's safe, secured and well-known.
I don't know anything about Veripayment, but as said before, there is many bad reviews about it...


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