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Hi guys, I've searched for the exchanger for transferring money through Paypal, Alertpay and Liberty Reserve.
I did got 1/2 sites but the site itself is lagging or having some kind of problem with the registration.
Do you know any other sites that offer this service?
Can you post some links here?

It's very risky mate. Don't try to exchange with so called scam websites. You will transfer them the money but in return you will get nothing. I lost my $100 so I know. If you want to convert your money from paypal to alertpay then first withdraw paypal balance to your bank account and then load to your alertpay account. It's much safer.

Yes, that's quite risky. It will be better to withdraw first and then load to alertpay as strawberrybob mentioned. Make sure you consider all the aspects while doing transactions as there are chances to lose your money.

PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account.


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