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Which Payment gateway is best?

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Let me please reply on Which Payment gateway is best and Safe?

PayPal and Bitcoin are the safe payment gateways that you can use for any online money transactions.

Hello Friend,

I agree with Calvin .


To help you out, I've found  a list of 10 of the best  of the payment gateways among which you can choose one that best suits your needs:
- PayPal
- First data corporation
- BluePay processing LLc
- PaySimple
- Paynova
- ChronoPay

Kate Evans:
As for me PayPal and Payza are the best payment gateways I have ever used. If you choose Paylpal you will see that it is widely used and simple set up service. people who use Payza say that there are no issues with using it and all the payments were processed correctly.


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