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Hello, I am new to this forum, I was searching about open directory and found this great SEO forum, I just want to ask about some altenatives to DMOZ, if you have some High Quality DMOZ alternatives please let me know.

Directory Mozilla
What does "DMOZ" mean, and how is it related to the Open Directory Project (ODP)? DMOZ is an acronym for Directory Mozilla. This name reflects its loose association with the Mozilla project, an Open Source browser initiative. DMOZ was historically also known as the Open Directory Project

DMOZ stands for "Directory Mozilla" and it is also known as the Open Directory Project (ODP). It is a web directory of websites, organized by category and subcategory, that was created by a community of volunteer editors. The directory was started by the Mozilla project, an open-source browser initiative, which is why it has the name "Directory Mozilla." The purpose of the directory was to provide a comprehensive and well-organized directory of websites on the internet, which would help users find what they were looking for more easily. The DMOZ directory was closed on March 17, 2017.

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