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Is it true that some DMOZ editors are corrupt and are taking money for getting accepted into their categories. I read about this a while back but was just wondering if others could shed light on this ?

I do not think it's true.
But of course, they make money by including all their sites (with almost all pages) and client's sites into dmoz  >:(.

I've heard about this too.... But i heard that any that were caught were banned and removed from being editors... I do see people on DP from time to time offering guaranteed listings on DMOZ, I wonder if they know or are editors themselves :)

I'd love to know a DMOZ editor, if you're one on here and a little corruput, please PM me  !-!

DMOS editors being corrupt is probably an over exageration. I'm sure they're have been a few but I'm sure bad news just travels further than good news, so we hear more of it.

I've personally submitted 2 sites last month, both got accepted within 2 weeks. That's not bad you know.

Surely, they are corrupted. Nobody likes them, but everybody wants to become a dmoz editor O0


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