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forget about DMOZ if your site is new, by the way I have found interesting article :o

It is a very positive action what you have done registering to Dmoz. It is one of the biggest directories. Unfortunately it takes some time before you could see any real results, you r question was how long it might take, there is no specific timeline, but judging from my experience I could say that it normally take from a few days to a few weeks, rarely more than a month or so. Good PR however takes longer than that and is not only associated with listing your site on a major directory.

The best friend is the ODP editor

Anyone here is an editor at DMOZ?   ;D

Doubt it. Looks like a lot of posts come from bots (strange quotes, no attempt to engage in dialogue or make an obvious answer). ODP editors as busy as they are would prefer some other forums... 

DMOZ is becoming less and less consistent with accepting submissions.
I have submitted so many, but no luck.

However when I did get one of my sites approved - ranking did increase.


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