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They didn't "recalculate" PR for ages, how the ranking of your site could increase?!? Or you meant position in SERP? Or what they call "real PR" on this site?

Please write the latest news about DMOZ listing.

DMOZ (from, an earlier domain name) is a multilingual open-content directory of World Wide Web links. The site and community who maintain it are also known as the Open Directory Project (ODP). It is owned by AOL but constructed and maintained by a community of volunteer editors.

Here are some tips for DMOZ listing;
- submit your site to a proper category;
- make your sure that your site has original and quality content;
- get your website professionally designed;
- be sure to put your conatct information on the website;
- check your website for broken links and spelling errorsd.

Achieving a DMOZ listing is like getting a big thumbs up that your website is legitimate, trustworthy and not illegal or scammy. Google and other search engines are always looking for signals to determine whether your website is trustworthy enough to show up in the search results.


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