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Good PR however takes longer than that and is not only associated with listing your site on a major directory.

Lishmalinyjames: was a website that provided a human-curated directory of many of the most credible websites on the internet. This multilingual resource would find websites in the same niche and group them into categories.

ndeed, the fast response is that it depends. It relies upon which classification and how dynamic the editors are in that classification. To add your site to "one side" class it can require about a month. To add your site to "some unacceptable" class, I've perused in the DMOZ discussion about individuals hanging tight for 2-3 years!

there is a method for ensuring that your webpage will be remembered for the DMOZ catalog rapidly: become a DMOZ supervisor for the classification where you have applied to have your site recorded. Applying to turn into a DMOZ manager is simple. Getting acknowledged is somewhat more diligently, yet most certainly possible


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