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Does a DMOZ listing really improve search results? I finally got my site listed after 12 months and things don't seem to have improved much.

Mando Control:
A lot of search engines and directories take there info from dmoz. So yeah it helps but dont expect your ranking to explode only because of DMOZ. It doesn´t

I submitted my site several times but still it is not approved in dmoz please tell me the reason?

Submitting several times make no sense .Just read their rules clearly before submitting and submit to proper category .That is all.

discipline-testing moment of every webmaster's life - the 6 month mark. That's about how long a site will spend getting tested and tweaked by Google in the search results. If you've made a high-quality website, and your visitors really appreciate what you've done, you'll start to see your traffic boost up at about the 9 month mark, and really start rocking after 12 months.

So there's no need to worry, just keep your head down and keep grinding away.

Don't worry about your Toolbar PR, it's not a really helpful way to measure your progress. And don't chase specific keywords, checking how you rank from day to day on specific keyphrases. You'll drive yourself crazy.

The solution is to add amazing content to your website that matches what people are looking for. Keep in mind the two things I said there (amazing content, people are looking for). As you add more information to your website about bands, musicians, industry insider stuff, contracts, gigs, instruments, tricks and techniques, you'll find your total traffic from the search engines will rise and rise like a tide.

So, make a great site, with compelling content that your audience is looking for, and you'll see your traffic increase.

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