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Its not a bunch of bananas its about 2 things

* Luck&

* Loyal

Getting your website listed in the DMOZ directory in anything less than geologic time frames is next to impossible.  Most SEOs submit their sites and then forget about ever getting listed.  However, there is a way to guarantee that your site will be included in the DMOZ directory quickly: become a DMOZ editor for the category in which you have applied to have your website listed.

Dmoz is a high authority directory website which puts websites in their database upon rigorous vetting process. Your website should be really good to get in there. Yes getting a link from Dmoz is very good for SEO , but it may take few weeks to months for approval of your website and approval isn’t always guaranteed. So it’s not worth the wait.

Well, the quick answer is that it depends. It depends on which category and how active the editors are in that category. If you want to add your site to the “right” category it can take about a month. If you want to add your site to the “wrong” category, I’ve read in the DMOZ forum about people waiting for 2-3 years!


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