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does dMoz indexing still worth the efforts, I didn't submit a site at least 4 years...

 Hello Friends,

Follow the submission guidelines 100%. Do not submit to multiple categories. Suggest only the main URL not separate pages. Spend the time trying to make the description as correct as possible - leave all your marketing hype at the door. Spend at least 20 minutes preparing the suggestion and finding the best single category. After submitting, get on with the rest of your life and don't get obsessed with ODP.

Thanks and Regards
 Richard Smith

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Stats suggest the google share of the net is about 70% so why is it important to get into the Open Directory Project, or DMOZ? After all, in terms of traffic, the DMOZ itself has very little to offer the average user. The Open Directory Project is important because Google draws data from it. The Websites that are listed in the DMOZ directory get a higher PageRank from Google. Google, yahoo, AOL and many other search sites use to have a link directly to DMOZ at the buttom of their site.
DMOZ is hard to get in because the sites are added by volunteer, by hand. The editorial process is slow and subject to error. Consider adding your sites to other directories that ave website in your nich. See [nofollow] for more SEO web tools [nofollow]

Gavin Owlsen:
Yes, I agree with maxqposter. Why people put a huge effort on DMOZ submission while it does not guarantee your listing will be approved? Since all submission will be reviewed manually, it is not easy to get your link on DMOZ.

But anyway, there's still an option for those who really like to get a domain name listed on DMOZ. Go to Godaddy auction and find domain name that listed on DMOZ. There are lot. Plus, you also capable to find domain names that listed on Yahoo Directory.

Dmoz collects unique website with unique content. Best way to get listed in dmoz read Submission guideline carefully


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