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Can anyone provide tips for getting a site into DMOZ successfully?

The basic advice I've heard is - submit it and forget it - you may get in or you may not.

Is this all we can do?

Don't leave the hopes  :D I submitted many sites till now but get listed only single. I suggest you for read the submission guideline before submit your website in DMOZ, it can take 3 months for inclusion.

Good Luck!

Does it take such a long time after submission to be included?  It is in partnership with AoI search and I thought the process could be easy.

I spent a lot of sites, but so far only one must be in the list. I was a DMOZ Submission Guidelines before submitting your site to read the proposal, it may take three months, including:

i am not sure if they are accepting new submissions as none of my submission made since 1.5-2 year being accepted


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