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How long does it take to get listed in Dmoz

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--- Quote from: mariya on 03-07-2017, 00:25:26 ---Hi Guys,

I would like to share Dmoz open directory is closing soon. The site will go offline on March 14, 2017.

--- End quote ---

Correct, It's one day more and Dmoz will close permanently.

When you do this, the websites becomes listed and immediately active in the directory. The total time to become a DMOZ editor, from beginning to end, is probably 3 or 4 hours. To apply for new categories is usually 1 hour or less since you already tackled the learning curve.

Well, the quick answer is that it depends. It depends on which category and how active the editors are in that category. If you want to add your site to the “right” category it can take about a month. If you want to add your site to the “wrong” category, I’ve read in the DMOZ forum about people waiting for 2-3 years!


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