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How long does it take to get listed in Dmoz

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As above, timelines can vary but it always helps if you know someone on the inside  :))

Not saying I know anyone but I've in the past had the process sped up due to a friend knowing someone.

DMOZ editors have to checkup every 1 week so shouldn't take more than 7-14 days max. If you're still waiting after a year chances are the editor is corrupt.

I'm still waiting for my site to get approved, it's been over 2 years  !-!

I guess I should take a hint then, that it's never going up lol

I’m giving up myself for listing on DMOZ.  I’ve been waiting for 6 months. It just feels like forever to me. If they reject my website, why not say a word of it. It would be more polite, I guess.

What is the use of sumitting a site to DMOZ? Don't mind I am new to DMOZ.. Do we get traffic or what? I have read so many threads on different forums submitting there sites to DMOZ. Whats this?


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