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The Open Directory Project is a web directory of Internet resources.

ODP is a human-edited index of websites, also known as DMOZ, an acronym for "Directory Mozilla". ODP is hosted and administered by Netscape Communications and weblogs, Inc and is assciated with the Mozilla browser. According to teh oficcial website, ODP hosts the largest and most comprehensive website directory in the world.

The Open Directory Project (ODP), also known as Dmoz (from, its original domain name), is a multilingual open content directory of World Wide Web links. It is owned by Netscape, but it is constructed and maintained by a community of volunteer editors.

Kate Evans:
ODP, which is better known as DMOZ, is probably the single most important directory on the Internet. All the submissions are accepted free of change. Sites are considered for inclusion by volunteer editors who review the sites offered for consideration in their very specific categories.

According to other answers ODP means open directory project so others are already explained about DMOZ so I have nothing now.


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