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Paying DMOZ editors to get listed ?

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I once tried to get listed on a really competitive area of DMOZ, every time i submitted I heard nothing, then one day I submitted and put I'll pay you to get listed, and hey presto got an email back, paid the money and was up within 72 hours.

who said bribery and paying money doesn't help you. In this corrupt age you got pay to get your way.

Really :o?
How much did you pay (and whom ;) )?
I heard that it's impossible to get listed in dmoz by paying somebody.

Yeah I'd love to hear what you paid and how you managed to get away with it. Sure they're corrupt but how lol

DMOZ editors are all swindlers.
They work for promoting their sites and making money.
I am sure they take money for getting listed in ODP. I heard that you should send some bucks via paypal to dmoz editor. That is all.
Next week you will be listed in odp.

As a matter of fact, they do. I often see people seeking DMOZ editors at freelance websites. Isn’t this violating DMOZ TOS? I forgot if I read that, but I just think it’s some kind of dirty play what these editors are doing.


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