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I have search for my website competitor on DMOZ which offers the same services on my site I submitted my site on its location but my site not getting listed on DMOZ. Does it take years to be listed in DMOZ? what is the maximum weeks te get listed on DMOZ?

There is no actual 'waiting list'. When you submit your website to DMOZ, it does not go into a review queue. It goes into a suggestion pool. Editors are free to not even look in the suggestion pool to fill their category. They can just simply put whatever sites THEY feel should go in there and 'never' even look at submitted sites.

DMOZ does not exist. It is a bloody joke and it will never be able to salvage their reputation. They may as well just close the site down, as it is useless to anyone but page scrapers and search engine spammers.

DMOZ is run by a bunch of indepent reviewers and they are free to update, add, remove links at their own pleasure.  Some sections have better reviewers than others and some update more than others. It's really a lottery to be quite frank.

I've had sites that were on their for years, then suddenly removed. Just submit and don't count on every getting added. If you do, thank your lucky stars  :o

DMOZ some time ago was a player, the hype associated with them was well warranted. Now however, I'd say they're a dieing breed. Considering the randomness of how sites are accepted, I probably wouldn't bother anymore. However if you can get your site on their you probably do get some positiveness for your SERPS. and it still looks nice and adds some value when you sell your site  :P

You can get high PR if you get into odp, but it will not give you any traffic.
In addition, almost all editors promote own site, so nobody (including Google) has respect for this project. O0


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