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How are paid directories doing these days


I've finally got a budget that allows for paid inclusions into directories.

I found a list of paid directories here:
http://www. paiddirectorylist .com

Are paid listings helping anyone these days? I know it used to help and the only true answer is buy some and see if my page goes up... any thoughts would be great.

There are two types of directories I'm wondering about though,

1. directory isn't in any one single niche, they list sites like yahoo's directory, they have a page for virtually every kind of industry.

2. the type of directory that's like or

One is industry related and the other is not, are they both worth paying for?

I wouldn't waste money on paid directory links.
Ive done it once or twice, never really seen a return.
You would be better finding a relevent niche website that has high traffic and perhaps purchasing advertising space on that?

Forget about paid directories. What you need to focus on are niche directories. Ones that are very tightly aligned to your websits niche. Some of these are paid, some just require a backlink of some sort, either way focus on those, as they really do bring great results.  8)

I agree with truffleshuffle, forget paid directories.
There is no sense using these dirs.


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