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We all know that Myspace is one of the important bookmarking sites. I have posted there several times but how can I get more traffic from Myspace?

Any advice?
Thank you



Yes, you get more traffic on myspace. Myspace is used for widening social network. if you use the social network only to connect with your family & close friends than there is no advantage of using myspace.

Here I want to suggest you some tips that will definitely help you to increase traffic to your site and blog

Build an audiences: Make an account on myspace it has only one purpose to spread your business and get maximum traffic.

So it's very crucial to build audiences and make friends as per your relevant business. you have to maketargeted audience. If you build many contacts, it's more chance to visible your post and business to many contacts.

So people can aware with your business there are many chances to people can connect with your business.

A profile is the first impression of yours. Many users take lightly  to fill the profile information. So it leaves a bad impression on viewers mind.

If your profile doesn't have sufficient information about you or your business then how can other users contact your business.

So always fill up all the information as much as possible for your business account so it's become easy for viewers to connect with your business.

Comment on your relevant blog:

Myspace provides facilities of write blog so, you can read a blog of other users and also comment on blog regularly with different blogs. In this way, they can mark you and there is 90% chance they like to interact or contact your business.

Myspace used to be a strong network but nowadays I don't think Myspace is good to use as there are more amazing networks to get more traffic.

In the Internet and Telecom Category, search engines and social network sites get up to 95% of the traffic share. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the most visited search engine sites in the US However, that doesn't necessarily mean that people use Yahoo as a search engine.

Reach Your Potential Clients And Target Audience! Your Products And Services Need Targeted Exposure. When People Are Searching For Products or Services Your Business Offers, Your Business And Brand Should Show Up! People Are More Likely To Buy From You If They Have Seen Your Brand Multiple Times.


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