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Title: Link building
Post by: Bravoman1 on 12-12-2011, 02:31:53
Has anyone heard of the supposed trick to get high PR backlinks from tumblr?  I find it hard to believe that tumblr would allow this to happen.  Has anyone had any success doing this?
Title: Re: Link building
Post by: andrewjohn on 02-13-2012, 00:08:29
yes, Tumbler is the very good way to get good traffic for your sites.
Title: Re: Link building
Post by: allricjohnson on 03-22-2012, 06:31:23
By doing Forum Posting and Blog Commenting. I think so. Thank you.
Title: Re: Link building
Post by: Charlesth on 03-31-2012, 05:35:02
You can create your blog in tumbler and regularly update unique and informative content in it which is relevant to your website, put your targeted keyword in your tumbler blog post and put link which back to your website by this way you can create back link to your website from tumbler you can also promote your tumbler blog with doing some link building techniques which also increase traffic to your website.
Title: Re: Link building
Post by: ishuvonet on 03-31-2012, 10:39:01
Well you can create backlinks through tumblr by posting articles and links in it.It would add great value since its a web 2.0 platform.
Title: Re: Link building
Post by: Socialmarketing on 04-16-2012, 03:08:49
For search engines that crawl the web, links are the streets between pages. Using link analysis, the engines can discover how pages are related to other pages and in what ways. Since the late 1990's links have also served as a stand-in for votes - representing the democracy of the web's opinion about what pages are important and popular. (Some refer to this as the reasonable surfer model). The engines themselves have refined the use of link data to a fine art, and incredibly sophisticated algorithms create nuanced evaluations of site and pages based on this information.
Title: Re: Link building
Post by: damponting44 on 11-25-2017, 00:05:41
Link Building it may be a craftsmanship. Its very nearly continuously those the vast majority testing and only an SEO's job, as well as those you quit offering on that one A large portion basic should accomplishment. Connection building obliges creativity, hustle, Also often, a plan. No two join fabricating crusades would those same, and the manner you decide with Fabricate joins relies Similarly as much upon your website Likewise it does your identity.