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  Hello friends,

     I want to know that what is the SEO audit ? tell me guys ..

Analyzing your website SEO and preparing a report on it is known as seo audit. This helps to know more about your website seo and how and what to improve to get things more organized to rank keywords higher in search engines.

I am fully agree with RH-Calvin. We have to do SEO analysis for our site and then decide which kind of activities helps and which will be better.

SEO Audit is :-
1. Check website sitemap
2. If your site is too many pages so it have searching option
3. website design should be good and target right page in right folder
4. check google webmaster and google analytic google
5. your site should be mobile friendly for more traffic
6. use right keyword on right page

An SEO audit is a method for evaluating the wellbeing concerning SEO for a website. The Website auditor will check the website against a worksheet and come up with recommendations of what requires to be fixed and what needs to change so that the site’s performance in search engines is improved.


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