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How to get Conversions

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firsly , you must optimal your content. Because content is king , if your content is quality , you can get more and more traffic from the internet . nearly , you should share your new post in social as : facebook , twitter , tumblr , ...



many reasons may be there, you should check your landing page and do A/B testing, if you have in-off traffic . Best of luck

Utilize social media
Pay attention to headlines
Update New article

I would suggest you to check whether you are getting the clicks from potential keywords or not! If the keywords are good then check whether your website/landing page is good enough or not for converting a click to conversion.

To get your conversion rate, divide the conversions by website visitors, then multiply the result by 100. In this case, you have a conversion rate of 5 percent. You can also figure out your conversion rate by referring domain.


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