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How to Increase Call Only Keywords Quality Score?

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Hello Friends,

I want to increase keywords quality score of my Call only ads please suggest me how i can improve it.

Call only ad campaigns are an extremely effective way to boost your paid search. Broad match keywords can be a great tool for casting a wide advertising net, but they,  you can help keep high CPCs at bay by improving your Quality Score.

Armando Gardner:
In order to succeed, you should target call-centric keywords. Moreover, you need to be quite careful while making the selection for the keyword, this need to be appealing for that specific segment of the audience whom you intents to reach.

Michael Anderson:
Instead of testing any pratice and waiting for the result, you can make use of various tools available out there to improve the Keyword quality score. For instance, you can search for "Adwords Performance Grader" once you search for it, tips will also appear as a recommendation. As per my knowledge, this tactic would work for improving Keyword quality score.

Call Only campaigns are important part of strategy in your Pay Per Click Advertising campaign. Try adding a CTA or keyword to the end of your display URL. Make sure to include a CTA that encourages people to call you. You should focus on CTR and Ad Text relevance to get better user experience and to increase Quality Score.


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