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Tips To Get Adsense Approval For Your Blog

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Many of us do apply adsense for monetizing our blogs/websites, and among those 90% gets rejected by the adsense crew, Some may even take a wild path by creating another email account and tries again, but alas, the result would be same, rejected.!! and Thats the moment at which they thinks to seize their blogging.

I really don't have a shortcut recipe for adsense approval, but i do have few tips, which most of you might be unaware or unnoticed. Following these simple steps could help your blog's adsense approval.

First of all,don't feel dejected after your adsense got rejected,because you are not within the terms of adsense. Don't be late to check out your email to know what went wrong in your blog/website. Google adsense team is so kind that, they informs you the reason behind rejection.

1. Use Professional or Minimal design for your blog, because it makes things easy for your reader and Google. Don't fill your blog with fancy stuffs like background sound,fancy mouse pointers,glittering texts etc, because it makes your blog laggy, increase page load time which annoys user. Make the Google adsense team and your user impressed with your design and work.

2. Navigations are veins of a website, it is the most essential part. Make sure that it is clean and user friendly.

3. A messy Sidebar could mess with your adsense approval, Thus don't fill your Sidebar with live,fancy widgets.Just use a 'popular posts' , 'categories' and a subscription box.It is more than enough in a sidebar.

4. The word copycat should not be in a bloggers dictionary, copying content from any other websites is strictly a violation of adsense terms. Google Adsense demands fresh,genuine,relevant,unique and quality contents from bloggers.

5. Don't think about monetizing your work before perfect time arrives. wait until you get some returning users, wait until your site rank gets increased and then monetize.

6. Avoid copyrighted images,videos,and scripts.Don't copy down images from Google search,Bing and other search engines as it is a serious violation of adsense terms.

7. Don't make your blog post short,and not so lengthy. Around 400-500 characters are good and standard. Always keep in mind that you are writing for humans, not for computers.

8. Before applying for adsense,make sure that your blog have enough content (around 40-50 quality post) and traffic. Many applications are rejected by the reason of "In sufficient content".

9. It is recommended not to use any other ads networks at the time you applys for adsense .
10. Make sure that your blog/website contains adsense approved languages only.

11. Use a custom domain for your blog,just to assure the adsense team that you are a serious blogger.

12. None of us love to read a website which contains mature content with family, so does adsense, except that it never likes a mature website. So it is recommended to make your content family-safe. Avoid content like 'buttocks,close-ups of breast,provocative poses,see-through clothing and strategically covered nudity and other mature content. Also see prohibited content .

13. Avoid too much images in a single post. I've seen so many with too much images in a single post , especially in fashion blogs. If you want to show your works or something using a set of images you could always approach flickr or picasa for creating slideshot of desired pics. Remember,Google bot crawl only those content with text not images.

14. Make following your work easy for your users by creating an RSS Feed for your website/blog, which acts like an automated sitemap for your site.

15. Feedbacks are well and good, Integrate your blog with your personal Google+ account. which in-turn increase your back-links and gives you a little support for adsense approval.

16. Don't forget to submit your sitemap so that Google could keep track of your site's activities, which results in your site's ranking incrementation. in order to submit your sitemap to Google you should use Google webmasters tools. You could also use Google analytics for SEO purpose.

17. Update Your Blog at least twice in a week.

18. It is recommended that you should use an responsive design for your site, or at least have a mobile version as they are in a pursuit of becoming the primary internet device.

19. Never send request for Google adsense until your blog customization finishes (Under construction) or in beta condition.

20. Never forget to read TOS and policies of Google adsense .

21. And finally, your users are your cash, don't disappoint them

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tips of approve adsense
1.  40-50 post.
2. good site negivation.
3. space for ad
4. contact us, about us page need
5. reular posting content
6. its better if site made by wordpress or joomla
7. no adult content

Thanks for sharing this useful tips. One more thing remove any kind of spammy back links you are giving to other websites, this will reduce the risk for getting rejected.

Hello Members,

If you are going to get Adsense approval blog, then keep the following tips in mind:
1.) First ready your blog before applying for Adsense.
2.) Write high quality contents.
3.) Optimize blog post with meta tags and make it search engine friendly.
4.) Have sufficient contents or posts.
5.) Blog domain must old at least 6 months.
6.) Apply using root domain: You should always apply using the root domain like Not
7.) Be serious to choose content images.
8.) Lead a nice design and blog structure
9.) Check if your blog is not blocked by Google: Be sure that, your blog is not blocked by Google. Because Adsense will check your blog statistics on their search engine. Don't know how to check it? Just search for "" on Google. If you find out search results, your blog is not blocked. But,if you not,it is blocked.
10.) Don't have Adsense prohibited content:
11.) Visitors are not a factor for approval yet: You will get approved depending on your blog quality. It is sure that the Adsense  moderator will never check for visitors count. So, don't worry about visitors. But, for generating revenues you must have enough visitors.
12.) Google Adsense Approval: If you follow all the above mentioned tips, you are most likely to get your Adsense application approval at first go.

I hope this information is useful for all.

If you want to get approval for adsense then you must write unique content and post in your website regularly. Your site navigation must be user friendly. You need to add privacy policy and terms of service and contact pages in your website. These simple steps will make you get approval for adsense account.


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