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What are process of pay per click campaign advertisement?

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Hello All,

Can you please guide me, actually a new to PPC and want to create an advertisement but to how to create and what are things to remember according to google adwords guidelines and further steps.

1. Run Your PPC Campaign based on your targeted keywords
2. Set Ad Group
3. Add relevant keyword to your ad group
4. Add catchy text in your ad
5. Concentrate when people click on the ad where they land

Here is process of pay per click campaign advertisement...

1. Initial Consultation to Set and Plan Goals
2. Understand Your Customer
3. Understand Your Competitor's Strategy
4. Landing Page 4 Second Compelling Offer
5. Landing Page Credibility
6. Account Setup
7. Account Launch and Management
8. Split Testing Ads and Landing Pages
9. Review The Performance and Make Adjustments


Set up Your Google Ads Campaign in 9 Steps,

1. First, You should select your campaign type and name

2. Choose the Geographic location where you would like ads to show

3. Choose your Bid strategy and set your daily budget

4. Add Ad Extensions Section after you have finished all of these steps

5. Create your first Ad group and write your headline, description, destination URL

6. Insert your keywords into the keyword field in your campaign account

7. Set your maximum cost per click(CPC)

8. Double check your Ad, Keywords, and CPC to be sure they are the best possible match

9. Enter your billing information.

Armando Gardner:
Dude! It's all about making an eye-catchy advertisement. 'Pay per click' that means your ads will make money based on the clicks it will receive thereto. As you already got advice earlier, use relevant pieces of pieces of stuff with the keyword you want to focus.


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