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What tool do you use to research Ads?

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Armando Gardner:
Honestly, I am not 100% sure, but when learning the previous topic, there was a content that specified "Spy Tools". What better you can do is to search them on Google, let me tell you that they work as serving ads based on your niche which is trending among the audience.

Michael Anderson:
Selection of research tools also depends much on the social networking platform where you are working. When it comes to Facebook, you can see tools like Addespresso, Hubspot as well as PowerAdspy. Apart from tools, every networking platform offers features within them for searching ads on the basis of keywords or niche.

To plan, analyze, and improve your ads SEMrush is the best online tool you can refer to. They are having whole PPC Advertising Toolkit which helps you to run your PPC campaign very well.

For research in ads, we would recommend using Spyfu is the best way. But if we are creative then we can create ads by ourself.


The SpyFu is the best recommendation for research the competitor ads. So, you can try it before you can run the campaign.


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