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Which type of adwords ad is good for classified site

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Hello Friends,

We are planning for adwords for our classified site. Will you suggest which type of ad will be benefit for us Display ads or Text Ads and why?

Michael Anderson:
Whether you admit or not, video marketing is going to rule over the market in the upcoming future. It's my recommendation to shift down to video advertising instead of texts of still images.

It will probably be a combination of both.

People are quite used to the way people search now.
With a Google search, the majority also consists of text and links. After all, you want to find what you are looking for quickly.

For now, the 336x side banners and 728x header probably work best.


If you want to promote your classifieds website through Google Adwords, then you can try Google Search Ad and Display Ad campaign.

It will help your website visibility online for potential visitors.

Classified ads are one of the most effective methods to sell, purchase, or rent houses and other properties on behalf of the individual owners, landlords, and property brokers.


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