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Title: php filter script
Post by: Walalayo on 10-08-2011, 03:53:30
i need to know how to make a language filtering script. I'm developing a mail system and I want to keep the use of vulgar language restricted. My question is, how can i search for a certain value inside of a string. I realize I could put each individual word of the body into an array and then search each item of the array but that seems like taking the hard way out. any suggestions?
Title: Re: php filter script
Post by: damponting44 on 10-26-2017, 00:28:00
This of course was due to there paranoia of me retaliating to their unlawful termination, but thats is entirely a new blog post. I thought I would create a security system to protect my personal information and make it a lot more difficult to coordinate the gathering of information.