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Is someone use PHP7?


Die Hard:

 As you know, PHP has launched the new version PHP 7. Is someone use this version and what is the advantages and feature of this version?

Answer: PHP 7 is used by a lot of professionals now a days as it offers higher efficiency and greater speed than PHP 5.6 and the key feature of PHP 7 is that it can handle double request than compared to PHP 5.6 with the same time duration.

PHP 7's New features:

1.  Scalar type declarations
2.  Return type declarations
3.  Null coalescing operators
4.  Spaceship operators
5.  Constant arrays using define()
6.  Anonymous classes
7.  Filtered unserialize()

Some Major Organization That uses PHP7 for their sites
List ate given below:

Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Flickr, Tumblr,, Mailchimp, iStockphoto..,.

PHP 7 offers an improvement in speed over its previous PHP 5.6 version. Comparing to PHP 5.6, PHP 7 has reduced demands on servers, making it more cost-effective and an environment-friendly choice as less energy is required to power servers running PHP 7 applications.

PHP 7 Features:

* Error handling replaced with object-oriented exceptions. This change will help developers to track and fix the bugs in their code.
* The syntax for the foreach statement has changed.
* No more comments in INI file. Instead of putting a # symbol with the comment, use “;” semi-colon.
* In PHP 5.6, the bug which makes the switch statement to have multiple default classes is now fixed.
* The list () operator doesn’t support string anymore

PHP 7 is the latest version of the popular programming language PHP. PHP 7 offers fast performance for websites and online applications.


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