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[8th update]

I decided to start my content marketing strategy with Quora. I believe you guys know what is Quora. It's a potential Q&A platform to venture into as you can address your target audience's problems there. I start with Quora because it's FREE! How it works is:
  • Create your accounts
  • Search for suitable and relevant questions
  • Add your answers
  • Make it appear on top ranks

Sound easy, but not so easy. First, in finding questions to answer, I choose questions that relevant and have my target audience, high in views, and the answers there are not spam answers because it will be hard to rank if that is the case. Second, I answered the question interestingly, make it valuable, and inject some humor so it's not mundane. The last step is to get some upvote for it! This is an example of an answer with #1st rank and receives reasonable tractions to help its ranks.

Ahrefs is the better option.
Domain authority is the most accurate representation of the search results landscape and a key to understanding why certain websites rank higher than others. Higher DA sites perform better than lower DA sites. As a result, there's a direct correlation between high DA scores and higher rankings.
SEO Services and SEO Tools / Re: Bolg sitemap
« Last post by Lishmalinyjames on 01-23-2021, 08:05:21 »
Sitemaps are a necessity for SEO. A sitemap is defined as a simple directory or guide that holds information along with other details on web pages that are contained on a website, in addition to the content on these pages.
SEO Services and SEO Tools / Re: Organic Search Traffic
« Last post by Lishmalinyjames on 01-23-2021, 08:04:41 »
Organic traffic is the primary channel that inbound marketing strives to increase. This traffic is defined as visitors coming from a search engine, such as Google or Bing. ... Thus, paid search, display, or even offline campaigns can drive searches, which may increase organic traffic while those campaigns are running.
PHP Forum / Re: best place to learn PHP?
« Last post by Lishmalinyjames on 01-23-2021, 08:00:00 »
W3 Schools.
PHP Forum / Re: Why Use a Framework?
« Last post by Lishmalinyjames on 01-23-2021, 07:53:34 »
the framework provides you with the certainty that you are developing an application that is in full compliance with the business rules, that is structured, and that is both maintainable and upgradable.
PHP Errors: 4 Different Types (Warning, Parse, Fatal, and Notice Error)
PHP Forum / Re: What is different between PHP and Core PHP?
« Last post by Lishmalinyjames on 01-23-2021, 07:41:20 »
Core PHP is a very basic PHP programming language; it is used to create dynamic web pages. Core PHP works without any extra library, which a PHP framework cannot, so it is very important to learn the core of principle PHP programming to create dynamic web applications.
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