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No, it's not obligatory to transfer a site to WordPress to improve SEO, rather if your site is SEO friendly and your domain is 5-year old, then your site can appear in Search Engine Results Pages(SERPs) within a few months.

No, it's not true all WordPress sites rank very fast and other frame work sites (.net site, PHP site) don't rank in SERPs. If your site has had Off-Page and On-Page SEO perfectly, then it'll rank very fast.
On Site Optimization / Re: what is SSL in SEO..?
« Last post by Priyanka_V on 08-24-2019, 04:27:51 »
-SSL Protects your Confidential Data
-SSL also affirms your Identity
-SSL is Ranking Factor on Google
-SSL Improves the Trust
On Site Optimization / Re: Why do we use canonical url?
« Last post by Priyanka_V on 08-24-2019, 04:20:52 »
Canonical Tag Send Signal to Search Engine that this is a Maser Copy of Content.
Canonical tag is helpful to prevent plagiarized or duplicate content issue.
Thanks for Sharing Valuable Information.
Nice..!!! Really Useful for me...Thanks
SEO Basics / Re: Do URL Shorteners impact your SEO?
« Last post by Priyanka_V on 08-24-2019, 04:02:10 »
Shorten URL is useful for Twitter where limitations for Characters.
You are on the right way of link building. There are no issues to build links with these techniques. Your site might be penalized by low-quality content or spam linkings.
I agree with the user Neel Patel!
He is right. Go with pixels.  !-!
SEO Services and SEO Tools / Re: How to find traffic driving keywords?
« Last post by amayajace on 08-23-2019, 23:18:43 »
Inside the Search Console, go to Search Traffic > Search Analytics: Here you'll find all your keyword traffic data, including what search queries your site ranks for as well as the number of impressions and clicks to your site for each keyword, CTR and average position.
What does the page SEO score mean in Sitechecker? Page Score is our internal rate based on a combination of valuation of critical errors, warnings, notices and Google Page Speed results. It's a relative measure. So, use it for evaluating changes you make on the page during the following SEO test.
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