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Advanced Search Engine Optimization / Re: What is Pogo-Sticking?
« Last post by JohnVilson on 04-28-2017, 23:54:42 »
In simple words, Pogo Sticking means that when a website ranks highly but fails to satisfy the needs of people using that search term.
1. Choose a Niche
2. Choose Affiliate Programs
3. Build a Good Site
4. SEO on top Google.
How can I find a Niche that is suitable for me?
SEO Basics / Re: Free SEO recommendations here
« Last post by RosaJBrassell on 04-28-2017, 17:58:22 »
It's useful in the matter of TRUST (not especially ranking), but getting a NF link from high authority website like wikipedia, boosts the TR of your page/site linked.
I verified it several times with my own pages.
There are two type DoFollow and NoFollow link. Which proportion is suitable between them to get higher rank?
Content Promotion
Social Media

Will probably be the most effective in getting traffic there quickly. You need to be extremely active in all three of these. Almost non-stop

As you said, it may cost me a lot of time.  >:(

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What can the people help me? If they don't want to share their experiences, what should I do?
Links. Buy, Sell, Exchange / Offer services in English sites
« Last post by markopolo on 04-28-2017, 14:30:00 »
Offer services in English sites

Posts on the discussion forums for the English. sites with unique text.
Everything is done manually. In the end you will get interested visitors to your website and indexed links that have a positive impact on your website. Provide links to posts on your website.
The price of 1 post is 2$.
Minimum order 30 posts.

Links from thematic sites.
The thematic page of the website, blog, forum with a link to your website.
Price 1 review 3$.
Minimum order 30 reviews.

Stateyny promotion for eng. sites.
Thematic English article 2 of the 500 characters, a well-reproduced In the article, the anchor text and the picture from Your website. In the end, every donor get a unique article that the anchor text linking to Your website and a picture which leads to Your website.
Price 100 article links 65$.
Price 300 article links for $100.
Price 700 articles links 180$.
The price of 1500 article links 300$.
If you need to write more about it.

Profile run for the English. sites.
Anchor or bezankornyh links from profile foreign sites.
Price 500 profile links 25$.
Price: 1500 profile links 60$.
Price 3000 profile links 100$.
Price 5000 profile links 170$.
Price 10000 profile links 250$.
If you want to write about it.

The deadline to 7 days.


Skype: kabuto676

SEO Basics / Re: What is Page Content Optimization?
« Last post by Christi Smith on 04-28-2017, 11:22:20 »
Explain with example what is page content optimization?

Jeya vinoth.J

Page content optimization refers to optimizing the content of the website in order to make web page SEO friendly and keyword rich. Don't go for keyword stuffing, rather focus on using synonyms.
How will you neutralize a toxic link to your site?
Link Building / Re: How to check backlink of my blog?
« Last post by samuelroy on 04-28-2017, 06:15:35 »
Small SEO Tools

These tools are best to check the backlinks of your site.
Affiliate Marketing / Re: TravelPayouts Affiliate Program
« Last post by TravelPayouts on 04-28-2017, 05:32:11 »

Hi all!
We have some really good news! The next version of Mobile SDK is going to be released in a few weeks, finally with hotels! You can earn significantly more money selling flights and hotels. What is more important: we've added new templates and languages.

Do you want to ask us your questions? You'll have this opportunity during our first webinar. You will also hear best practices from Alex Tachalova (popular digital marketing specialist), Ivan Kozlov (our VP Mobile) and Nikita Gurovskiy (Head of Affiliate Relations). The webinar is completely free, but slots are limited.
You will be able to ask your questions to every speaker. By the way, you can already send them in the reply to this email.
Register now for free!

We've added HTTPS support for all White Labels. It is an extension of the HTTP protocol which enhances the security of a site. In 2017, Google Chrome, for example, started labeling some non-HTTPS sites “Not Secure.” Our SEO expert Tatyana Zuikova has laid down step-by-step guidelines on how to migrate your site from http to https.

In the blog, I've shared what we did in the beginning of the year and what our plans are for the near future. Your feedback would be appreciated.

Follow us on Facebook, Google plus and read blog.

Вest regards,
Ivan Baidin
SEO Basics / How Many type of website linking..?
« Last post by kalmakuran on 04-28-2017, 02:45:14 »
Hello friends,

How Many type of website linking..?
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