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I think there are lots of reason for ranking dropping, But nowadays lots of algorithm updates regarding search ranking.
SEO Basics / Re: How to remove google suggested Keywords?
« Last post by John - Smith on 10-17-2018, 23:31:27 »
How to remove google suggested Keywords?

Want to remove suggested keyword which are at the end of page results in google?
I am impressed with your knowledge. As you know, it is hard to find high quality sites to leave do follow back links. I focus on  Disqus sites.
On Site Optimization / Re: Using Multiple Keywords In Meta Title
« Last post by vallam on 10-17-2018, 08:13:45 »

Jeans Manufacturer, Supplier & Producer | %%sitename%%

Egyptian Cotton Shirts Manufacturer & Supplier | %%sitename%%

The first one looks like a perfect title for your homepage, if you want to create a title for category pages, they should be more precise, including keywords according to a certain category.
On Site Optimization / Re: Best toll For check On-site Duplicate Content
« Last post by vallam on 10-17-2018, 08:07:10 »
why you need a "tool" to check the content of your own site? Don't you know that you have copied them or not?  ::)
I doubt you will remember every duplicate meta tag or even text on your website when it has more than 100 pages. Also, this issue may appear when you have multiple pages with the same content, that might be created automatically (with and w/o www or with http and https). I usually just use SEO crawler (currently using netpeak spider) to find duplicates as a part of on-page analysis.
Citation flow of your website is 5 times higher than its Trust flow, that means you have many backlinks, but they are from low-authority websites. Try earning fewer backlinks, but from trustworthy websites. Not sure about local maps, but I guess Google won't penalize you if you do everything straight.
Link Building / Re: link building for multi keyword
« Last post by tadbirgaran on 10-17-2018, 07:28:10 »
Do you have only 5 keywords for the whole website and all of them are on your homepage? If so, then it would definitely be better to create separate pages and use a couple of related keywords for each of them.

Do not Doorway Pegas with this method?
SEO Basics / Re: What is Google Hummingbird?
« Last post by EthanR on 10-17-2018, 07:05:30 »
Google Humming Bird is Google algorithm which was launched in September 2013. It is designed for fast and precise websites
SEO Basics / Re: HTML sitemap and XML sitemap
« Last post by manivel on 10-17-2018, 06:38:48 »
An HTML site-map provides a overview of the site. Users who navigate there see a list of all the pages on the website, making it easy to find a page that they may be looking for.

An XML site-map is built for the search engines. This file allows the search engine behind the curtain of your website and points the search engine’s crawler directly to the right information.
Alexa Ranking / Re: Alexa Rank
« Last post by AmitVermaSPS on 10-17-2018, 05:33:24 »
Alexa rankings are based on how much traffic drive to your site/blog. So the answer is to get more traffic to your domain.
There's a number of ways to do this. A few ideas include advertising, blog subscriptions, partaking in social media discussions, etc. But the bottom line is to create content on your site that people want to see or tools they want to use.
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