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SEO Basics / Re: how to get good traffic on your website?
« Last post by John - Smith on 09-20-2018, 23:31:23 »
can anybody tell me how to get good and organic traffic on your website?

SEO - It will help you to increase organic traffic to your site.
SEO Basics / Re: website visibility.
« Last post by MVMInfotech18 on 09-20-2018, 22:39:56 » is website traffic intelligence tool, which gives you any website's traffic data by a source with an excellent graph.
also, you can use google analytics tool to know your website traffic but to check that a Particular person is using your website is not possible.
SEO Basics / Re: Google Hummingbird
« Last post by MVMInfotech18 on 09-20-2018, 22:31:34 »
Algorithm updates are nothing new, but Hummingbird represents (arguably) the largest change since Google’s last update in 2010 dubbed “Caffeine.” So, why the update? One of the goals is to allow Google to better respond to longer and more complex queries. When people first started using search engines, it wasn’t uncommon for them to enter single word queries.
Robots are programs that follow links on Web sites, gathering data for search engine indexes. They are considered robots rather than programs because they are somewhat independent: no programmer has told them what pages to find. Other names for these programs are spider or crawler (because they follow links on the Web), worm, wanderer , gatherer
On Site Optimization / posts omitted from Google search results
« Last post by tecy0123merry on 09-20-2018, 16:59:29 »
If I do a search for my domain name, it shows the website is listed, but if I try to search for even a year-old post on Google, using my website name too, it never returns it. Instead it says some results have been omitted and asks if those omitted results should be included in the search results.
SEO Services and SEO Tools / Re: keyword research tool
« Last post by tecy0123merry on 09-20-2018, 16:56:38 »
we people are very smart now a days so keep posting good things here
Web Hosting / Re: Basic cheap host for blog?
« Last post by Herstin on 09-20-2018, 07:27:57 »
As I know is perfect place for hosting blogs and pay less money than the others.
15% recurring coupon code "INDIALAUNCH" for all the cPanel shared hosting and WHM reseller hosting plans.
Web Hosting / Re: Windows Server/VPS Needed
« Last post by Herstin on 09-20-2018, 07:25:24 »
I trust windows specialized web host called - good professionals  !-!
These guys are willing to walk not just an extra mile but five more miles with you. We had problems, but their support has been very patient with us and solved them.
Web Hosting / Re: offshore VPS with fast servers?
« Last post by Herstin on 09-20-2018, 07:24:05 »
Very Reliable! No problems at all. I feel confident that my sites is up and running at all times.
Top notch support, affordable pricing, and I haven't seen a bit of downtime.

wа offshore hosting is highly recommended.
Web Hosting / Re: Super fast wordpress hosting providers?
« Last post by Herstin on 09-20-2018, 07:23:17 »
Just here to say that host is a really good company, amazing support, their own severs, great price, it's got it all!!
The customer service is friendly and has always been great.  The price for their wordpress hosting deals is quite good.
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