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SEO Basics / Re: What is more important : Content or Backlinks
« Last post by lebar.123 on 11-22-2017, 07:18:21 »
I feel like content is way more important than backlinks because, think about it, if you don't have content backlinks are useless.
Advanced Search Engine Optimization / Regarding advanced SEO
« Last post by newway2 on 11-22-2017, 06:06:44 »
Recently I gave one telephonic interview they asked me about advanced seo, I told them about website speed, mobile friendly website, need to use long tail keywords, we need to target google as well as bing and yahoo, lsi keywords etc etc..but then I am not selected for that company so could you please tell me what is advanced seo or what is going on now a days. So i will prepare myself that way. Thank you!
Games and Jokes / Has anyone played playerunknown's battlegrounds?
« Last post by chivianhvip1 on 11-22-2017, 05:32:04 »
I play battlegrounds and I want to ask if anyone plays that game?
Link Building / Re: Forum vs Blog which one is best?
« Last post by vinsam on 11-22-2017, 05:29:02 »
if you ask me, i can tel that forum is the best because google will crawl the forum faster then the blog site. in forum every second changes are happen because of the post or participation but in the blog site not much activities will be held when compare to forum. so Forum is the best one.
SEO Basics / Re: What is more important : Content or Backlinks
« Last post by chivianhvip1 on 11-22-2017, 05:24:07 »
Content or backlinks are equally important. content makes your website always new in google eyes, backlinks create trust rank from google
Internal linking is essential to any website because it helps establish site architecture and spread the link juice. Simply internal linking refers to any links from one page of a domain, which is linked to another page within the same domain.
I don't see new link building strategies coming: the best you can do is continue to spread your content on SNSs, create fresh and useful content that people could refer.
SEO Basics / Re: How to increase the link influence score ?
« Last post by Janvi Singh on 11-22-2017, 02:57:30 »
The Link Influence Score is a value that shows the influence of a linking page on Search ranking for a particular page that linked to it.
Other Social Networks / Re: Why You Need A Clean Email Prospect List ?
« Last post by ORLOVA on 11-22-2017, 02:17:05 »
Clean email lists can:

Maximize revenue opportunities and ROI
Reduce delivery problems
Contribute to increased accuracy in campaign statistics
Save money on marketing costs from bounced emails
Keep your brand top of mind with your subscribers[/li][/list]
A divert chain happens when there is more than one divert between the underlying URL and the goal URL. At the point when a URL is diverted, it ought to have a solitary 301 divert set up.
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