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SEO Basics / Re: What is impression in SEO ?
« Last post by riyaz1539 on 01-20-2018, 12:39:25 »

Impression is sometimes called a view or an ad view. Impression in SEO is the number of times people see your website appear in the search page. through Google AdWords or other forms of PPC advertising .

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Hope this helps.

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SEO Basics / Re: What is best WordPress plugin for Seo?
« Last post by riyaz1539 on 01-20-2018, 12:38:01 »
I don't think there is a best SEO plugin for WordPress.

SEO plugins come in various forms

1. Plugins to do one (basic) task... say meta titles though many of these have become less popular due to 2.
2. Mega plugins that try to do everything, and honestly fail at doing any one thing to the best possible.
Examples are All In One, WordPress SEO Ultimate, Platinum SEO Pack, Headspace - Joost also has a new WordPress SEO plugin that has a lot of promise but at time of writing has quite a few bugs.
Of those headspace is still my favorite, but I tend to switch lots of stuff off, and at the same time use the custom fields for specialized stuff
3. Geeky plugins to do specific things - some are commercial, others are free - many are based around snake oil such as keyword density or some kind of advanced sculpting using nofollows that doesn't actually work the way they describe it.

One of the best things to learn is how to use functions.php with actions and filters to achieve what you want.
SEO Basics / Re: Anchor text in backlinks
« Last post by riyaz1539 on 01-20-2018, 12:30:05 »
Backlinks should be directed toward the specific page that is most relevant to the term you are trying to rank for.

Anchor text does matter, I believe, but it is hard to say how much and if it will always continue to matter. Studies that I've read showed correlation between anchor text and rank although that doesn't necessarily mean anchor text was the cause. Most importantly, you should ensure that you're creating a wide link profile from a number of sites and that they aren't all using the exact same anchor text which can appear spammy.
SEO Basics / Re: What is the best tool for Keyword Research?
« Last post by riyaz1539 on 01-20-2018, 12:27:16 »
It’s so important to do effective keyword research, especially to target long-tail keywords.

The ideal goal is to find low-competition keywords that demonstrate a high intention to purchase a specific product/service.

I.E ‘Purchase Ernie Ball Guitar Strings for Acoustic Guitar’.

Often, beginner/intermediate marketers will go after the low-hanging fruit, this down to several SEO aspects which I will not exactly go into detail about.

However, just remember, you need to know a few things

How many people search for the keyword to begin with (per month)
How difficult will it be to rank my website for this term
Now, I personally use a keyword tool which tells me exactly how many people are searching a specific phrase in Google, it’s so incredibly useful and has transformed the way that I work and make money with my affiliate businesses online.

The tool is called KWFinder and can be found right here.
I’ve asked this question and answering myself because I want to say that the best way to get real followers is always engaging with real people on this very simple network, the more you retweet and favorite other people tweets the more they’ll do the same, you just need to be human not a bot or a machine, you account should be real, sharing funny and interesting stuff, adding real value to the community, don’t just look for numbers of followers look for the impact of each and every tweet you add, because 1 tweet can get you 100 followers, but at the most of the time 100 tweets won’t get you 100 followers!

Also I’d like to recommend this service called tweetfull which helps you interacting and engaging people automatically.
Google Search Optimization / Re: How to improve my website PR.
« Last post by riyaz1539 on 01-20-2018, 12:17:49 »
Some ethical ways are here to increase website PR,

Focus on long tail keywords
Optimize articles
Don’t forget link buildings
Provide amazing values to your readers
Think of SEO as an opportunity to create value
Create a company blog to increase traffic

Alpha Click
Google Search Optimization / Web Site indexing duration
« Last post by Sap Solution on 01-20-2018, 10:03:17 »
I have launched my new website in first week of October 2017 and Google has index it today. Why Google has taken two long to index this website ?
Microsoft SEO / Re: What is A/B Testing in SEO ?
« Last post by SeoDezin on 01-20-2018, 07:13:38 »
A/B testing also known as bucket testing .A/B testing is a method of comparing two versions of a web page or app against each other to determine which performs better .
If it is your website then you can submit URL removal request in your Search Console in rest of the case you can only submit removal request. But you can removed it directly.

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You need to use backlink checker tools like Ahrefs, Majectic etc. and gather all spam and low links.
Which is Best Ways to Increase Twitter Followers..?

To gain more Twitter followers be sure to:

1. Tweet regularly.
2. Share great content using images and GIFS.
3. Engage with others on the network daily - answer questions and ask questions.
4. Use polls to generate interest and get answers from your followers.
5. Fill out your Twitter bio completely. Use a photo of yourself not an image of something else.
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