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Link Building / SEO in 2018
« Last post by SeoDezin on 11-17-2017, 23:16:09 »
Link building will be one the most elementary techniques of SEO in 2018. SEO campaign will be always incomplete without link building
It is disputed still if backlinks are good for search engines but they drive people to your website so there's that. You can build backlinks for the sake of traffic which is still very important for SEO.
SEO Services and SEO Tools / Re: What is Schema MarkUps ?
« Last post by swikriti.sharma09 on 11-17-2017, 06:05:07 »
Schema Markup is a code that tells the search engines more about the website.

Schema Markup provides more useful and informative results to the users.
YOu can make use of Link shortening services like Bitly, Tiny URL and others. Here's how to do it

1. First of all copy the Long URL. Then go to and click on create a bitly link button

2. YOu will have to paste the long URL in the blank space provided. After you click on create bitlink. a Shortened IRL will be generated.

2. Now whatever is the anchor text you want to use you can use Just make sure that you assign the destination URL as the Bitly link, which will eventually direct to the main link. and you can also keep a track of your Quora Links.

Hope this was helpful
Link Building / Re: Article Submission
« Last post by arindamdutta16 on 11-17-2017, 05:17:53 »
Good site list. Article submissions are one of the best ways to get quality backlinks. We use quality content for article submission. This is very helpful for keywords rankings also, because we are creating hyper links with prime keywords so that our keyword ranking is also improve a lot.

1. Choose a niche / category that you wish to make money through Affiliate marketing.

2. Once you have chosen a good product then  try to create a good website to begin with affiliate marketing

3. Check out which companies are offering Affiliate Marketing programs. Join the once which you are good at.

If you are good at technology but bad at fashion, then it would be wise of you to not choose fashion as your niche

Try to write detailed SEO based articles which should rank on the first page of Google so that you will get a lot of traffic
Affiliate Marketing / Re: Online marketing tactics
« Last post by swikriti.sharma09 on 11-17-2017, 03:49:26 »
Here are the activities i have been doing recently and I guess they are more than enough to get started with


Email marketing (like newsletters)

Good relations with bloggers

Affiliation marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn)

Video marketing

Pay per click

Social News/Bookmarking (digg,, etc)
Backlinks are still one of the most important factor to increase keywords rank and traffics to your website. Because search engines trust your website more when your website has authoritative and relevant backlinks. Without backlinks, it’s almost impossible to rank on first or second page search results.

Yes, I completely agree with You. Thanks.
Submitting your website to google webmaster tools is not a choice, it is mandatory. . Because, submitting your website to google webmaster tools is great to know your website crawl errors, analysis, sitemap errors, links to your websites, and more.

If you want to rank your website on google, you should use the google recommended tools and suggestions.
Google Search Optimization / Re: Aged domain. Does it matter?
« Last post by ahadarzi on 11-17-2017, 02:43:30 »
In older days, Google gives high power to aged domains. But, after the Panda and Penguin update, the aged domains are not considered as high ranking power and the major search engines reduces the aged domain powers.

Buying an aged domain name support little and not high. Because I recently ranked one on my website in 2 keywords in 1st page in google. All of the competitor's domain age is 5 years, but our domain age is only 1.7 month. This experiment proves the statement "Domain Age does not matter"  :P

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