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Link Building / Re: Latest Link Building Technique
« Last post by SnowflakesSoftware on 08-18-2018, 02:21:19 »
Link building is a very effective technique which is popular among professionals. It helps website to grow ranking, brand awareness, strong domain authority etc.

There are many types of link building techniques which can make your website visibility at search engines which are given below-

Profile Creation- It is a genuine link building technique which helps you to make your brand awareness worldwide.

Competitor Backlink-  Competitor backlinks is a very handy technique to grow keyword ranking early. So I preferred too much for using it. You can create many strong backlinks with this technique without consuming extra time

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The answer is yes. Because, Wordpress have lot of SEO plugin available for optimize On-page.
SEO Basics / Re: How to increase impression for my website?
« Last post by toursinfijiseo on 08-17-2018, 23:47:41 »
To increase impression of your site these steps are required:

Blog Directory
Guest Posting
Web 2.0 Submission
PPT Sharing
PDF Sharing
Infographic Submission
Social Media Optimization
SEO Basics / Re: Forum Posting Site List
« Last post by toursinfijiseo on 08-17-2018, 23:45:17 »
Advanced Search Engine Optimization / Re: What is contextual backlink?
« Last post by julian on 08-17-2018, 23:41:12 »
Contextual link is also one of the best link building technique, Contextual link simply means link on content for 2nd party.

Usually people look for Contextual link as it give backlink.
Advanced Search Engine Optimization / Re: what is pogo sticking?
« Last post by toursinfijiseo on 08-17-2018, 23:40:37 »
Pogo-sticking is a term used to describe what happens when a user enters your site from a search engine results page (SERP) and then exits your page, going back to the SERPs. From there, they click the next result or head to a different website.
Contextual backlinks are those that are built from an existing content on a webpage. These backlinks are very helpful to build your keyword ranking higher in search engines and also increases the domain trust online.
The Google Publisher Tag (GPT) is an advert tagging library for DFP which can dynamically build advert requests. GPT takes key info such as ad unit call, advert length, and custom targeting builds the request and shows the advert on internet pages.
Advanced Search Engine Optimization / Re: Wordpress Cache Opinions
« Last post by susanburling on 08-17-2018, 07:07:22 »
Hi, Muhammad Abdullah
I think it might help you
We follow search ranking algorithms and white hat SEO.
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