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Google Search Optimization / Re: What to do if website is banned?
« Last post by SeoDezin on 11-21-2018, 04:41:51 »

What to do if the website is banned by the search engines for black hat practices?


I think there is no solution if a website is banned. Often Google never lift ban
Google Mobile Analytics tool is best to track android installs
how can we decide on which keyword you build backlinks?  ::) :o
 It is up to you and your company's requirement.  !-! Decide the keyword which is more important and focus more on that.
Thank you riya for your reply can you guide me how should I do SEO If i have decided my primary keyword is "PHP Development Company"
How should I optimize
meta title?
meta description?
And anchor text for link building?

Please reply..
SEO Basics / Re: Which is best forum In seo..?
« Last post by riyaa_rp on 11-21-2018, 02:29:13 »
Hello friends,
Which is best forum In seo..?

How you define Best forum? which factors do you consider to decide if the Forum website is best or not?
"PHP Development Company" or "PHP Web Development Company" or any of your suggestion.
What anchor text should be used for building backlinks while we have "PHP Development Company" in meta title?

how can we decide on which keyword you build backlinks?  ::) :o
 It is up to you and your company's requirement.  !-! Decide the keyword which is more important and focus more on that.
Google takes into accounts the following 5 factors to determine the Quality Score of your ad:

1. Clickthrough Rate (CTR): This is based purely on the keywords you choose, and your ad copy. Depending on how often a particular keyword leads to clicks on an ad and your ad copy. Google will assign a score to your ad.

2. Keyword Relevance to the Ad Group: Depending on the keyword you choose while creating the ad group, and what the searcher types on Google, your ad will get a Keyword Relevance score by Google to help get a better idea on what search queries the ad should be displayed on.

3. Landing Page Quality: Your Landing Page must be clean, mobile-optimized and well written. Make sure your landing page doesn’t have intruding pop-ups or misleading info.

4. Your ad text quality and relevance: Your ad copy plays a pivotal role in deciding the Quality Score. If the ad copy is too spammy, or it does not state clearly what’s there on the other side, it can greatly hamper the quality score.

5. You ad account history: Depending on how your ads have performed in the past, and how much money you spent with Google, your ad is assigned a quality score.

So to improve your quality score, make sure the above 5 factors are top notch.
Web Hosting / Re: Want to order shared hosting in US
« Last post by Pamela123 on 11-20-2018, 22:33:15 »
I had taken that from and using their service till now. In reality, I don't have to face any disturbance in using their service. I am very satisfied by using them and obviously the best hosting or shared hosting provider. If you choose them once, I hope you'll understand.

I can assure you that you will get more than your requirement at a reasonable price :).
Get full control and security over your website.

MyLightHost  !-!
Other Social Networks / How can I get more traffic?
« Last post by Pamela123 on 11-20-2018, 22:19:59 »

We all know that Myspace is one of the important bookmarking sites. I have posted there several times but how can I get more traffic from Myspace?

Any advice?
Thank you
SEO Basics / Re: Importance of tags in blog posts
« Last post by John - Smith on 11-20-2018, 22:19:28 »
HI guys,

        I have some doubts about adding tags in posts. Recently I created one post in my blog and adding tags in that post, But one of my friends told, Don't add tags in the post, So anyone gives suggestions, adding tags in posts is useful or not.

Before we answer, it will be great if you ask your friend that why he said don't add tags in the post!
Twitter Discussions / Re: Is Twitter also stand for Marketplace?
« Last post by Pamela123 on 11-20-2018, 22:15:07 »
I think so. It is one of the most popular social media. Your business visibility will be increased. Most popular things are published by Twitter. It does not contain less importance than others.
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