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Hi...What is Google Core search July 2021 update? Is it affect website ranking?
You can create an account in DMoz and search for the appropriate category in which you wish your website to be featured. Then, you can submit your website and wait for one of the many DMOZ editors to approve your listing.
On Site Optimization / Re: How to optimize keywords?
« Last post by sarajsystems on 02-03-2023, 05:20:18 »
There is some step with help of this we can optimize keywords.
1. Focus on keyword volume when selecting keywords.
2. Sort out your keywords.
3. Important content on the page is being indexed.
4. Make sure the indexing text is unique.
5. Push to enhance the keyword search listings.
6. Edit Or Possess A Headline.
7. Improve Current Text.
Advanced Search Engine Optimization / Re: 10 best SEO tool
« Last post by digitalaachrya on 02-03-2023, 04:31:10 »
To help you choose the best SEO tool, we've covered 10 of the best tools for SEO optimization-
1. Ahrefs
2. SEMRush
3. Moz Pro
4. Mangools/KWFinder
5. Ubersuggest
6. Woorank
7. SpyFu
8. BuzzStream
9. ScreamingFrog
10. AnswerThePublic
The Merger Technique is the process of taking a relevant dead business and merging it with your business. If done correctly, The Merger Technique will skyrocket your site's authority and trust, which makes ranking for important keywords easier.
Google Search Optimization / Re: What does EAT mean?
« Last post by Shreecaterers on 02-03-2023, 04:22:47 »
The Eat Yeet is a humanoid-like tree with an ominous face and vine-like, four-fingered hands that emerge separately from its body from the ground. The 'bark' of it is grey and its hands a scarlet red. The thorns on its arms and roots are also a similar red colour.
Domain Name / Re: Premium Domains
« Last post by rahilvattya on 02-03-2023, 02:44:20 »
Premium domain names (or premium domains) are high quality and qualified domain names. Price is based on marketability along with many factors like traffic, age, spelling, branding or economic trends, when you have a premium domain you own a gold mine. You can use it to develop your own online business or simply flip it with high value. Due to their value, worth and quality, premium domains always have the following advantages.
Domain Name / Re: blog domains
« Last post by rahilvattya on 02-03-2023, 02:40:53 »
If your friend is writing for himself, he must register the domain for the topic he will be writing about. But if he writes a content for other topics like technology, medical, insurance, then he must choose a domain according to the topic.
On Site Optimization / Re: Domain Authority
« Last post by sarajsystems on 02-03-2023, 02:36:49 »
We can increase our domain authority of the website if we will work on high da backlinks which are do-follow links .then automatics will increase domain authority.
Blogging Forum / Re: Adding AMP tag for Blogger
« Last post by anilkh7058 on 02-03-2023, 02:28:07 »
AMAccelerated Mobile Pages Project, it improves the performance of content.
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