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Facebook Discussions / Re: Facebook Paid Service
« Last post by buy_ince on 01-17-2019, 04:34:45 »

These are the main benefits of Facebook paid services.

1. The cheapest form of advertising
2. Facebook advertising is fast
3. Increases brand awareness
4. Increases website traffic
5. Increases revenue, sales, and leads
Facebook Discussions / Re: Facebook Page Deleted
« Last post by buy_ince on 01-17-2019, 04:22:23 »

Whenever we are promoting facebook page we need to be very careful. If we promote one service more than once in a day, than facebook count it as spamming. So there is more chance to delete or ban facebook page.
SEO Basics / Re: Which ranking signal is most important in SEO?
« Last post by susanburling on 01-17-2019, 04:15:45 »
You can't achieve your desired ranking on search engine by following any single ranking signal there are lots of ranking factor those should be followed therefore we can't say any of the ranking factor as a most important.
I just have a note that I have many back-links, unfortunately, a big ratio of them are now "expired", "webpage not available" or "broken".

So is there any cause to fear about them? I barely want to avoid them because I guess they all already rejected so no need to disavow them again.

What is your thought, please? I'm continuing on good thinking?
    1.Track the current state of your click-through rate.
    2.Focus on improving page titles.
    3.Test page titles in order to pick the most effective.
    4.Improve URL structure to make it descriptive.
    5.Pay attention to your meta descriptions.
    6.Make use of rich snippets and structured data.
SEO Basics / Re: How to check more than 50 keywords ranking?
« Last post by traveloweb on 01-17-2019, 02:36:03 »
SEMrush – Bulk Check Google search ranks for multiple keywords ... However, if you are want to track more than 500 keywords, you will need to ... You start with a Free account and add upto 5 competitors and 50 keywords.
Higher DA = showing higher up in Google Search results = More clicks ... What is more, a lower DA site could have much higher traffic than a higher DA one. ... the agreed measure of a site's authority provided by the ranking engine itself. ... the value of a site could lead to significant under or over valuation.
SEO Basics / Re: CTR Boost
« Last post by traveloweb on 01-17-2019, 02:24:42 »
    1.Start generating urgency with countdown timers. ...
    2.Use ad extensions to increase visibility. ...
    3.Use symbols to get attention. ...
    4.Put the main keyword you're bidding on in the URL of your ad. ...
    5.Call your readers to action to get the click.
Web Hosting / Any info on Rockhoster hosting in Netherlands?
« Last post by Herstin on 01-17-2019, 00:33:53 »
My requirements are 3000GBs of bandwidth and 100 GBs of disk space. NL Server location.
I have found offered cool web hosting accounts.
I want to host 2 e-commerce web sites in Netherlands.
Do you know them?
Web Hosting / Re: Cost-effective dedicated server in Mexico?
« Last post by Herstin on 01-17-2019, 00:32:16 »
The guys at know their stuff! They offer low-cost dedicated servers in Mexico.
Fantastic host and they have gone above and beyond the usual business to help get my site up and going.
Support is superb - they have gone above and beyond to assist me with my sites, whenever needed.
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