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Forum Discussion / Re: Do you prefer desktop or laptop ?
« Last post by Registernuke on 04-23-2018, 22:20:30 »
The Question is so simple .
Do you use desktop or laptop or both and why ?‚Äč

In response to the thread topic, I personally prefer a Desktop. One of the reasons why is that I never have to worry about performance and the battery running out. Another reason that I prefer the Desktop is that the screen monitor is much bigger and makes the experience much more enjoyable.

I want to clarify as well  that I own both a Desktop and a Laptop, it's just that I prefer the Desktop experience, whenever possible.

Hi, I figure out, so many people are having difficult issues detecting a dofollow website and links. However, there is an easy way to tell. Stay with me while I quickly guide you through.

First, dofollow links help improve your website domain authority and page authority. This authority, tells Google and other search engines that your website is legit.

The simplest way is to download the MozTool bar, go to Google and search for "Moz toolbar" for chrome browser and install on your browser. Once done, You will notice an "M" icon close to your browser search bar.

Click on it and then click the Pencil Icon below and click DoFollow. This will automatically tell you if a website link and the comment section is dofollow or nofollow. It will highlight the dofollow sections on any website.

Hope this was helpful. Leave your comments on your methods.
The main difference between Ad-Words and Ad-sense is as follow:-

1) Ad-Words is used by advertisers and Ad-Sense is used by publishers.

2) The advertiser only has to pay to Google when someone Click on their ads and Google pay publisher a certain share of it get from the advertiser when an ad gets clicked on publisher's website.

3)Advertiser chooses the amount they are willing to pay per click and Google has a fixed share which they pay to the publisher per click. 
Relevancy & High Domain websites are the key factors for improving your backlinks profile.
Agreed with @RH-Calvin
Facebook Discussions / Slow Facebook
« Last post by julian on 04-23-2018, 00:59:20 »
Hello Peoples,

I have been Facebook user for long time but now a days I'm facing slow issue in Facebook. I use Facebook on Desktop but sometime Facebook take so long time to show feed until I don't fresh Facebook. So I wanna know. Am I only one who faceb this or you Guys also face this issue in Facebook.
For URL optimization follow the below guidelines for URL optimization

1) Keep the URL structure  short
2) use a hyphen for URL structuring
3) use keyword in the URL structure
Link reclamation is a method of fixing broken links of your site and other websites with links pointing to your domain.

Google Search Console is the best way to find pages returning a 404 error. Apart finding 404s we can use webmaster for different purposes in SEO. In webmaster tool we can check broken links by going into the crawl errors section.
1. Tweet with trending #hashtags
2. Create pool with trending #hashtags
3. Tweet with insightful #hashtags
4. Follow more people(Unfollow them who don't follow back)
5. Re-tweet
6. Like Tweet
7. Comment on hot topic's posts
SEO Basics / Re: how to know actual traffic of a website?
« Last post by localflavourstours on 04-22-2018, 13:52:48 »
My first choice should be Google Analytics and 2nd one should be using of ahrefs
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