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SEO Basics / Re: How I choose keyword for a website?
« Last post by learnvern on 07-05-2022, 06:28:45 »
5 tips for Helping You Choose the right keywords

Think like a customer. Identify your target audience and put yourself into the shoes of a customer when you create your initial list of keywords. ...

Study the competition. ...
Understand the long tail keyword. ...
Use keyword research tools. ...
Analyze the results.

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SEO Basics / Re: How to maintain traffic of your website?
« Last post by JanviArora on 07-05-2022, 04:55:09 »
To maintain Traffic on websites, here are a few things to be considered
1. Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to make your website rank higher in search engines.
2. Use optimized images and fonts for better load times.
3. Create content that is of high quality and informative
4. Monitor your website's performance and make necessary changes to improve it.
5. Make use of effective SEO techniques.
6. Use Google Analytics to track website traffic and identify areas where improvement is required.
7. Use keywords in your titles, descriptions, and tags to help improve your chances of getting found by Google.
8. Monitor your website's Traffic regularly to ensure it's stable and growing.
SEO Services and SEO Tools / How to increase users
« Last post by seowagon on 07-05-2022, 03:55:31 »
I am a digital marketer. Recently I am working RewriterTools which is a collection of free rewriting tools. These tools can use by article writers, bloggers, students, and others. Users of this website were much better before last month, but suddenly the number of users has decreased a lot. 
Also continuously update different kinds of topics for readers to engage the audience. And make some blog post, article post and guest post recently, but don't get any benefits.

Can anyone help me what needs to do in this situation?
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SEO Basics / Re: How does SEO work
« Last post by peter887 on 07-04-2022, 22:11:34 »
SEO is a organic and long term activity. It takes minimum six months period to get some ranking on Google. SEO works on the basis of Content, keywords, etc. SEO are of two types: On Page SEO & OFF Page SEO.
SEO Services and SEO Tools / Re: How to earn high Domain Authority?
« Last post by peter887 on 07-04-2022, 22:09:34 »
To earn high domain authority you need to perform well in terms of SEO and work on your website itself.
Website should be SEO friendly for that you need to optimize your website, headings, sub-headings, content, images, urls. After making your website SEO friendly you need to create backlinks through SEO activities to get more traffic on your website.
SEO activities as follows:
- Social Bookmarking
- Guest Posting
- Press Release
- Blog Posting
- Participating in relevant forums

By following these steps you can gain high domain authority for your website.

Hope that helps!
8 Smarter Ways to Earn Quality Backlinks

  • Replicate competitors' best backlinks. ...
    Analyze competitors' mentions. ...
    Build backlinks with infographics. ...
    Guest blogging. ...
    Build a solid internal linking structure. ...
    Outreach and promote your best content everywhere. ...
    Give interviews. ...
    Broken link building.

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Web Hosting / Summer Sale Specials?
« Last post by Nickindred on 07-04-2022, 02:46:13 »
Hey guys,
recently came across - they are offering 30% off the price special on all hosting and ssl solutions.
Have you ever heard about them before? Are they good?
What other hosting specials can you share here?

Link Building / Re: I need a good backlink service for my website
« Last post by DavidDhawan on 07-04-2022, 02:39:11 »
Yes, You can go with agency rather than freelancer.
Because agency is the more helpful for you to creating high quality backlink and increase your website traffic.
If you want to Create high quality backlinks from agency.
I would recommend you go with Touchstone InfoTech.

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SEO Basics / How Can I find a SEO Expert?
« Last post by william009 on 07-04-2022, 02:33:50 »
I created my own site,And I put only one product on it ,which is instaup Now I want to rank it and for that I need a very good SEO Expert. So anyone here who want to help me ...Please tell me quickly.
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