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First of all you need to analysis your ecommerce website for on-page activity, check it properly for targeted keywords in the Meta title, description and keywords list.
Get local backlinks like classified ads, local business listings for ranking in search engines.
On Site Optimization / Re: SEO and ROI
« Last post by CorneliaAlan on 07-17-2018, 23:29:22 »
You need to invest (time or money) into improve your copywriting, your sales persuasion, and educating your prospects about your products and your industry. If you haven't put effort into these things, then you can't expect SEO to be your savior.
Hi, Which SEO tools do you regularly use?
Link Building / Re: Rankings are still the same
« Last post by pinaccessoires on 07-17-2018, 15:42:59 »
Like the others here i think 1.5 month isnt that long.
You cant expect to rank all of a sudden.

Most of the time it comes down to quality links, keep posting relevant content and waiting.
Mabey you can check what other players in the market are doing so you know what your site perhaps is missing.

SEO Basics / Re: duplicate title and description issue
« Last post by nancyisabell on 07-17-2018, 06:53:31 »
While checking on google webmaster tool, I found the duplicate title and description issue in one of my web pages. The error sample show like this.

Normally this type of url will not be indexed by google (2nd url)

Anybody please help me how to fix this.

Hi Mariya,

I was checked your screen shot and i also check your website.

Please remove
this links from your server. May be its save in your server By mistake.

Sitemap file was perfect which I was check

But In route folder may be wrong check your server links.
Remove that link from there.   
I'm planning to register a domain extension for educational start up. But our brand name is not available with popular extension such as (.com, .org).
And most of the startups are using .co & .io extension for their business.

As per my understanding .CO stands for Colombia & .IO stands for British Indian Ocean Territory. If i register my website with any one of this & targeting people who living in Australia, Can i rank the website for local keywords?

Please advice.

The best choice for your education related website choose .edu domain extension.
Advanced Search Engine Optimization / Re: Canonical VS 301 redirection
« Last post by hariandro on 07-17-2018, 06:01:36 »
Canonical tag helps to avoid duplicate contents in your web page
301 redirection helps to redirect the web page URL permanently

Blog content posting, Business directory submission, Social bookmarking submission, press release, article submission, Image sharing, Video sharing ect...
Web Hosting / Re: Windows VPS account is required
« Last post by Nickindred on 07-17-2018, 04:28:56 »
Well it was over 10 months I used Windows RDP VPS hosting - everything works.
I was also happy with the performance and reliability of the service.

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