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If you are using a CMS like Wordpress, you can easily redirect your 404-pages to another URL like homepage.

A plugin I use for that is “Quick Redirects”. You can set to which URL the 404’s need to go. When you have a lot of 404’s, then I think it’s the better option.

Another option, is to redirect each URL that leads to a 404 with a 301-redirect (so keep your link juice of your URL’s) to another specific page of your choice. It can be done with the same plugin.

If you don’t have a CMS, you can copy a piece of code into the .htacces-file on your root-server. You can definitely find that piece of code on Google.

Hope this information is useful to you.
Google Fred is an algorithm update that targets black-hat tactics tied to aggressive monetization. This includes an overload on ads, low-value content, and little added user benefits. This does not mean all sites hit by the Google Fred Update 2017 are dummy sites created for ad revenue, but the majority of websites affected were content sites that have a large amount of ads and seem to have been created for the purpose of generating revenue over solving a user’s problem

We should stroll through some basics on the best way to check whether any of the current calculation refreshes affected your site:
1. Monitor Your Website’s Traffic
2. Fix Ad-Overwhelming/Affiliate-Substantial Pages
3. Beef Up Thin Content

I can offer good PBN and authority site links.  !-!
Link Building / Re: Benefits of link exchange.
« Last post by AaliyaAnubhav on 06-18-2018, 01:31:46 »
Link exchange helps to exchange traffic and build backlinks for your website.
It also increases traffic on your site from other websites.
On Site Optimization / Re: How relevant are h2's?
« Last post by KyraKakkar on 06-17-2018, 23:42:33 »
H1 & H2 tags let users know about Website content topic. H2 tags are less important compare to H1 tags. But proper use of H tags helps to improve website ranking in Search Engine.
I would like to review a new micro-job marketplace for SEO specifically. It has growing number of users. It target SEO related services but has categories like graphic design, social media, web design etc. You as freelancer can put gigs from $4 to $100. Joining is free. After you signup , you will be assigned at level zero which is bydefault for every freelancer. Once you complete your $500 order and get over 90% customer satisfaction, you will be promoted to level one. Payment is via payoneer and paypal.
Website Review and Suggestions / Re: Hosting forum reviews
« Last post by c4cyber on 06-17-2018, 11:02:15 »
I didn't get it. Why you have flags of India and Pakistan on your forum? Is some kind of political forum.
Which directory you want to get a backlink from? not all directories are good. Infact, 90% are just full of spam. Its better than you go for some kind of blog or article directory and get a review about your service. Or hire a freelancer to post reviews about your service to other forums or blogs.
Copywriting / Re: looking for seo bloggers/content writers
« Last post by c4cyber on 06-17-2018, 06:07:11 »
well, you can find lots of freelancers at freelance sitse like upwork, fiverr, Yooker is micro job marketplace for SEO. You can find gigs here from $4 to $100 from freelancers with good customer review and past projects. Buy any of these and pay via paypal if you are satisfied from their service. Its free to join.
SEO Services and SEO Tools / Re: How effective is Google tag manager?
« Last post by c4cyber on 06-17-2018, 05:55:00 »
Marketers want tag management that’s simple, reliable, and integrates easily with existing systems.
With Google tag manager, you can change tags with ease, it speed up that tag loading and error management and data being collected is secure and reliable.
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