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Since the announcement, Google has been experimenting with how content is pulled from Twitter in desktop results. We’ve tested the search engine to see what Twitter feeds end up on searches. We searched our agency’s name + location for a more targeted result.
The sole purpose of the Maccabees Update is to improve the search relevancies. So, website owners and webmasters should look into the improvements to on-page as well as off-page relevance signals. The importance of content will always remain intact because high quality contents generate quality backlinks for your website thus helping you to attain organic ranking.
As “bounce rate” refers to the percentage of people who leave the site without looking at any other pages, it is generally considered that an increase in bounce rate is a bad thing. A low bounce rate means high website visitor engagement. Some analysts believe that a bounce rate of over 50% is bad.
Advanced Search Engine Optimization / Re: Is AMP necessary?
« Last post by manivel on 02-22-2018, 02:51:02 »
Yes absolutely neccessary,  Because it has been speculated to have two benefits for SEO. One is it will have a “Fast” label designation on search engine results pages, and the other is that it will be a ranking factor.
Google is concerned with how people find information and what they do when they access a document found in the Google index. Which document in a site they tend to land on, how long users spend on that document and how much, if any, time does a user spend exploring information in a domain, are all pertinent to how Google perceives the relevance of documents listed in the index.
You may be a financial advisor, an accountant, an insurance broker or a mortgage company, but without online presence you’re just another fish out of the water, struggling for ideas to make your business thrive. After all, there’s a reason why professionals from almost every industry have jumped onto the bandwagon of internet marketing.
When you like/comment/share someones then you will get some point. After getting point you can use that point to get the same. So i am going to tell you best likes exchange site is Addmefast. You should try Followfast to get unlimited likes again.
Twitter Discussions / Re: Twitter or Google Buzz?
« Last post by damponting44 on 02-21-2018, 23:22:29 »
At an event at the company's Mountain View, California, headquarters, Google also seemed poised to take a poke at the AOL Instant Messenger service, saying Buzz will be offered to companies as a tool for interoffice communication.
Twitter isn’t required for users to see the tweets; those who click through while not being signed onto Twitter will be taken to the network’s logged out experience. There’s no advertising component to showing Tweets in the organic results.
Following are the useful SEO and content assets that we use at Radon Media for building Website traffic:
1. Infographics
2. Create Engagement Within the Community Through Contests and Giveaways
3. Social Sharing
4. Researches, White Papers, and Analyses
5. Establish Your Awesome Content as the Go-To Resource
6. Ask Experts Questions Through an Interview to Stand Out and to Win Links
7. Give for Free Resources to Get Loyal Followers WhoWill Link to Your Site
8. Get Inspired from Other Industries to Display Quality Content in a Unique Format
9. Conduct Case Studies About Well Known Brands
10. Debate a Long Time Controversial Topic
11. Outreach for Reviews
If we combine and creatively use these techniques, with the help of some SEO tools or a small but dedicated SEO experts team, we can achieve out traffic goals.
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